Thursday, February 1, 2007

NYC Latino Community Thows support behind Barack Obama

Bronx politicians today have come out in support of Senator Obama and are scheduling an event on his behalf. Senator Clinton had been relying on the support of the Latino community for their voting block, but community leaders are dissatisfied with her "lip service" to gain votes, but does not sit down with them and discuss their needs or issues, rather Senator Obama has done so, engaging them in discussions on where their needs lie, and incorporates their needs into his overall platform. Here is the article.

As I have stated many times in this blog, this New York resident and our website team have spoken with many minority communities, and they all echo what is said in the article. Senator Clinton pays attention, or calls on them, when votes are needed, but is not to be seen or heard from when votes are not needed. This I see is a serioius flaw; Senator Clinton's taking advantage of minority communities to gain votes, but does not seriously comtemplate their needs, or act on them. Lacking a more viable candiate, and the spending of $50 million to ensure a platform to launch her Presidential bid, these communities put their votes behind her to ensure a Democratic victory, but given the choice of a more viable candidate, Senator Clinton would have been in trouble this past election for her "supposed" base support of minority communities in New York State is "soft" and ripe for a more "tuned in" candidate such as Senator Obama.

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