Thursday, February 1, 2007


I read a couple Blog articles today and some news reports regarding the fact that it appears that Senator Obama is "freezing" out Fox Reporters - See article

I am not at all surprised. Anything he would say to them would be "twisted" to report the way they want to in a negative light, yet Fox News claims that it is Senator Obama's peril not to engage in interviews with their reporters. Now, can someone explain to me just why Senator Obama should be eager to give interviews to Fox News reporters when it was THEY who proclaimed the FALSE report without doing one minute of actual research about Senator Obama's school at the age of 7 years old, hinting that he went to a "terrorist leaning" grade school? This writer does not blame Senator one bit for failing to engage Fox reporters in interviews or conversation. In fact I agree with the writer of the above linked article, that he is better off without Fox News.

I sit here today and picture the staff at Fox News appointing a staff of reporters in a "War Room" totally devoted to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that they can use to put out as fact that would be a negative report about Senator Obama.

For those not in the know, being from New York I can tell you that the original writer of the piece on Senator Obama's school which was false, as proven by the research done by CNN, happens to be a close friend of the Clinton's. Interesting? Certainly allows Senator Clinton to put out false reports and be "above it all" in order to disclaim any knowledge. But then, those of us in New York are used to the strong arm tactics of Senator Clinton. Her staff strong arms local Democratic politicians and offices to support her, as failure to do so, will ensure she will never appear at one of THEIR fundraisers or events. And I am shocked at Senator Schumer's support of Senator Clinton. I had admired him, voted for him, and am personally shocked he would not wait and take a good look at Senator Obama, but then again, he needs her backing for his next election now doesn't he? I can't deny the fact Senator Clinton through her husband's contacts is quite good at getting huge donors for her campaign.

I believe the massive grassroots support both Internet and Real World for Senator Obama is indicative of the citizens being sick and tired of OLD TIME POLITICS, and want to choose for themselves who they will support. Fox news just hates the fact that there has been a massive grassroots groundswell of support for Senator Obama.

As was talked about on Hardball yesterday, the GOP is sadly lacking for a GOOD candidate to put up against the Democrats in 08, and even in Congress the Republicans are divided. Their party is in disarray, and whose fault is that? You can lay it directly at the feet of President Bush.
Not only has he succeeded in getting most of the citizens of this country against him, he also has been able to make a shambles of his party.

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