Sunday, January 28, 2007


By HOPE YEN - Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON(AP) The Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman on Sunday dismissed criticism a resolution opposing a troop buildup in Iraq would embolden the enemy and estimated perhaps only 20 senators believe President Bush "is headed in the right direction."
"It's not the American people or the U.S. Congress who are emboldening the enemy," said Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., and White House hopeful in 2008. "It's the failed policy of this president _ going to war without a strategy, going to war prematurely."


I read this article today and it makes me ask the question: "Why won't President Bush heed the advice of others?" Those generals in the field who spoke up and told the President they disagreed with him were replaced by those that would agree with him. Under immense pressure after this past election, he replaced Rumsfeld "the warmonger" after stating prior to the election that Rumsfeld was there to stay. It seems President Bush is "lost" himself.

I had a spot for people to post comments and as you can see that has been removed for the time being due to a very abusive posting by someone, who admittedly has a stake in this issue as he has a son who just deployed to Iraq, yet he accused me of being Anti-American when I am only exercising my constitutional right to express my opinion on all topics that would be pertinent to this blog. He accused me of supporting a candidate, Senator Obama who would cut off funds for the troops. I would like to correct the gentleman who commented, because Senator Obama has NEVER suggested denying funding for the troops already on the ground in Iraq, as to do so would put them in peril. The commentor needs to do more homework and read exactly what Senator Obama's position is on Iraq before condemning me of being Anti-American. The commentor also discussed, WITHOUT DOING HIS HOMEWORK, the FALSE story planted by a Hillary Clinton backed magazine about Senator Obama's schooling at the AGE OF 6 YEARS OLD in a supposed "terrorist" elementary school. (To show I DO do my homework, here is only one article CORRECTING what is falsly being reported on some anti-Obama blogs - OBMA SCHOOL

CNN instead did their reporting correctly, and sent reporters directly to the school Senator Obama attended and spoke directly to the headmaster who had been there when Senator Obama attended. Senator Obama attended that school for a total of 2 years, kindergarten and 1st grade, and at the time, the school was secular in nature and never ever taught extremist views and does not to this day.

People need to do their homework instead of believing "hate Obama" blogs on the internet who take the easy way by copying false reports and not investigating any further before posting this type of slander against Senator Obama.

Hate, in any form is a cancer that spreads, as in the hate between the religioius sects in Iraq. Senator Obama offers a NEW kind of politics, one where one can discuss various issues, whether you agree with them or not, in a civilized manner. The commentor who posted here would rather HATE than discuss, would rather BASH and repeat false reports than discuss anything in a civilized manner.

For this reason I will hold off allowing comments as I would rather follow the lead of an insightful candidate, and respond to civilized comments, instead of receiving hate filled statements without fact.

Now, I will in fact, stand corrected where I stated in a previous posting that 7 soldiers of the 82Airborne died on their first day in Iraq. I was writing my post while reading an article about the deaths of 7, which has since been corrected to 8 troops who died when their helicopter was shot down in Iraq on one day, 3 days prior to the death of the first casualty from the 82Airbord Division. I stand corrected sir and apologize for this error, but it is to be expected when so many of our wonderful fine soldiers, both men AND women are dying in a war that should never have begun due to the lies told by the Administration. I stand behind my statement of those lies. President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Rumsfeld made the case that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction and put out those false reports to instill fear in the citizens of the United States so their effort to invade Iraq would not receive critisizm. Now if you call that Anti-American, you are the one who is crazy. I support our troops and want them home but while they are in Iraq I pray for them every single day. I have volunteered countless hours on many many projects for our troops, including, Operation Phone Home, Operation Care Package, and am currently involved in a New York based group who are gathering supplies for Care packages for our troops. So don't attack me as Anti-American sir.

No, I contend it is your racial bias against Senator Obama which brings out the hate in you and you had to sling it at someone, so why not this blog? I pray your son stays safe and comes home before our President escalates it to another war in Iran.

Now if you wish to see the ACTUAL Casulty List here you go! I suggest people read blogs that actually do research and find out the FACTS insteead of those bloggers who pick up "snippits" of information and write about it without the true facts.

I attempt in each post to us FACTS that I have researched but no one can be perfect all the time. I made one error in my post regarding the 82 Airborne and you attack me for making a mistake. So be it.

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