Tuesday, January 9, 2007


It appears there are those bloggers and quasi-newspaper writers who would strain to find something for which they can launch their pre-emptive attacks on Barack Obama. Though I am sure Senator Obama is well aware that his entire life will be examined by those who would fight to keep him out of the White House.

In my search on the internet for articles on Senator Obama, I find bloggers digging up nonsence and trying to make a case against Senator Obama and as I read further I find they also attack other Democrats and call them hypocrites when it comes to ethical behavior. What is behind this I ask myself? It is an attempt to discredit what they fear. Fear can bring out the worst in people and their words are hurtful and harmful, yet it is for Senator Obama to be straightforward and honest as he has been. This is his weapon. Being honest with the American people.

Now I just read two blogs discussing the issue of the purchase of some land by Senator Obama where his home is from someone who had been indicted back in 2005. It appears Senator Obama purchased a parcel of land adjacent to his home from Tony Rezko, a real estate developer who was under indictment at the time. This was back in 2005 and of course the writer of the article never mentions IF Mr. Rezko was convicted of anything, and if so, what he was convicted of.

However, that being so, when asked by the Chicago Sun-Times about the transaction, Senator Obama stated honestly that it had been an unwise decision, and that he regretted he had done any business with someone who was being investigated.

My take? If you have to go back to 2005 to try and find SOMETHING, ANYTHING, that you can shout about on your blog that would discredit a man who was not even a sitting Senator at the time, you are desparate indeed. Why not discuss Hillary Clinton's Whitewater fiasco? I am a New Yorker and believe me, there are many many people who do not want Mrs. Clinton to run for President, myself among them and I vote democratic. Why not question the 50 MILLION dollars she spent to ensure a victory as Senator in the past election, when she only needed to spend a tenth of that. I do not argue the fact that Mrs. Clinton has the skill set to be a great Senator. In fact I voted for her re-election. Why? Because she is "hard" and can get down and dirty with the Republicans and get bills passed. I don't argue the fact she is doing her job well as a Senator and that is where we want her. Don't spend 50 million dollars, or shall I say "waste" 50 million when New York residents are happy with the job you are doing. What is being missed in this equation is that the people of New York are not being asked if we would vote for Mrs. Clinton in a Presidental race. Many many people I have talked to state in fact they would NOT vote for her but would prefer Barack Obama. She is going to have a tough time convicing New Yorkers she deserves to be President.

They also point out in their blog that Senator Obama, at the time a state representative gave a SHORT TERM internship to a young man who happened to be the son of a man who was a friend of the very same Tony Rezko. Now, can someone explain to me why a young man, who having done nothing wrong, and with the right qualifications, can't ask for an internship? What did Barack Obama do wrong in this instance? He gave an internship to a young man for a short term who had absolutely nothing to do with the actions or business of the same Tony Rezko. If the bloggers feel this is indicative of a corrupt atmosphere, then they need to rethink their position on this one.

Senator Obama has never avoided answering truthfully when asked if he regretted anything or anything about his background, something other Presidential hopefuls should emulate. He has been forthright and truthful in his two books about his past, admitting to when he made mistakes, something you won't find in any writings by other politicians. I think that is what some fear the most. The concept of an honest man. Yes, the media at times calls him a "rock star" but that is not the essence of the man. What scares some is that a black man, of great intelligence, great credentials and education, would dare to succeed in a democracy and perhaps be the first Black President of the United States.

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