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In doing some research on voting records of potential candidates for the Presidency, I came across Senator Clinton's record on the Iraq war compared to her statements today on CBS News. I will post both for you and YOU decide if Senator Clinton is now backtracking on her original vote. Interesting to note also, I found a ton of NO votes on Energy saving votes which I will go into at another time which Senator Obama states is key to our independence on foreign oil in the future.

Use of Military Force Against Iraq
Bill Number: H J Res 114Issue: Military IssuesDate: 10/11/2002
Sponsor:Rep Hastert, Dennis [IL-14]
Roll Call Number: 237Joint Resolution Adopted (Senate)How members voted
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton voted YES.
Read statements Senator Clinton made in this general time period. (note: could find no comment made at the time of the vote by Senator Clinton)

Official Title of Legislation:H J Res 114: To authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq.Project Vote Smart's Synopsis:Vote to adopt a joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq. Highlights: - Authorizes President to use United States Armed Forces against Iraq- Requires President to report to Congress no later than 48 hours after military action has started with his determination that diplomatic efforts alone could not protect U.S. national security nor enforce United Nations resolutions regarding Iraq- Requires President to submit a progress report to Congress every 60 days on matters relevant to this resolution House Passage Vote: 10/10/2002: Passed: 296-133 (Roll No. 455)Senate Passage Vote: 10/11/2002: Passed: 77-23. Record Vote Number: 237Presidential Action: 10/16/2002: Signed by President. Became public law #107-243.


By Douglas Stanglin, USA TODAY
WASHINGTON — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, fresh from a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, said today that she opposes sending more troops to Iraq and supports instead the phased redeployment of U.S. troops out of Baghdad.

Clinton, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a potential candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, appeared on morning television programs in making her first comments since President Bush announced plans to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq.
"I am for redeploying our troops out of Baghdad and eventually out of Iraq so that we can make sure that they're not in the midst of a civil war," she said on CBS' Early Show.
The senator said that Bush, in his call for U.S. troops to support Iraqi troops in stemming sectarian violence, "failed to put any leverage" on the Iraqi government.
"I don't think begging a government that has shown no willingness to make tough decisions is a strategy," she said on NBC's Today. She said Washington should threaten to cut off funds for Iraqi troops and for the protection of Iraqi leaders if they do not do make political compromises to win broad support.
She said the United States should make it clear to the Iraqi government that "we're not going to fund an army that doesn't show up half the time, that is more aligned with their sectarian position than with the national identity."
She said the Iraqi government is "waiting us out."
"They intend to do everything they can to impose a particular brand of dominance over the Sunnis, and there's no reason for the Sunni insurgency, therefore, to stop," Clinton said.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Senator Clinton belatedly makes a 2 day trip to Iraq, which Senator Obama did long ago, and now is "a seasoned World Affairs expert? Note to Senator Clinton, you didn't need to make a trip to Iraq, except for your photo "ops", to know the Iraq situation is a mess. I look at this opportunistic trip as just that. You needed photos of you in Iraq because you were sadly lacking in understanding and knowledge of what is REALLY happening over there.
One hopes you will give more in depth consideration before saying YES to the President.

YOU voted FOR the invasion, remember? An invasion that cost us in lives of our soldiers, and cost the Iraqi people, common citizens, to be engulfed in a civil war that shows no sign of abating no matter how many troops President Bush sends over there to die.

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