Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Recently the Fox News with John Gibson discussed the "bomb" dropped on Senator Obama by the Hillary Clinton "machine" regarding his days spent in a school at the AGE OF 6 stating it was a Madrassa (which is a radical Islamic form of the Muslim religion). Here is a quote from that show:

"You know, the Clinton team and the machine, make no mistake, it's still in place. They used to call themselves the masters of disaster. And if Barack Obama gets into the race against Clinton, I think that he can count on no small amount of disaster being forced upon him by running against one of the most effective and one of the most negative political machines ever assembled in this country."

Now, through Investigation, the Washington Post has revealed that this in fact is NOT TRUE regarding Senator Obama's schooling.

Their story today in the Washington Post says the exact opposite directly from the Headmaster of the school. Now remember, this is a Clinton attempt to muddy the waters was 40 YEARS ago when Senator Obama was 6 years old. Senator Clinton's operatives are stopping at nothing to discredit Senator Obama and they are striking early. This to me shows she is truly worried about the threat Senator Obama poses in her STRONG ARMED METHODS to get the White House. She is using OLD TIME DIRTY POLITICS in a day when we would hope that civility and honest discussion would be the way to campaign, allowing the citizens to decide for themselves after hearing where each candidate stands on issues.

We could get down and dirty with Mrs. Clinton, if that is what she so chooses. She has so many skeletons in her closet she couldn't begin to explain them all. What is interesting about Senator Obama is the gentlemanly way he responded to her announcement of her bid for the Presidency, the class he showed in his response should be a guideline for the way Senator Clinton should present herself. The way her MACHINE is working now, she comes across as a demanding, shrill, nasty woman, and not one for any woman to emulate. She I believe needs to rethink her approach because it is not going to gain her any friends from the voters.

And she certainly is keeping hubby Bill hidden right now isn't she. If she can't stand the heat the way to handle it is not to attack another candidate but rather answer some questions about HER that the citizens have. Hillary, your hands are not clean on this one, painting Senator Obama as a "terrorist" by hinting at it by putting out a story that he attended a school when he was 6 YEARS OLD that was radical and it wasn't true. Do your homework next time on who Senator Obama REALLY is.

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