Sunday, January 14, 2007



I once read an article Barack Obama wrote called “What I see in Lincoln’s eyes”. This article stayed in my thoughts and I began to think about what I saw in Barack Obama’s eyes.

His face when serious has a thoughtful look in his eyes. At times, hours of work show the tiredness etched in the lines of his face. It is an entirely different look then when he smiles. The serious Barack has a faraway look in his eyes, showing him deep in thought as he measures his words as if he was thinking about his words as he said them.

When he smiles, the twinkle springs up into his eyes, showing joy and happiness in his work. The smile is broad, crinkling up his face into a look of happiness and may I say it, fun? Is there such a thing as a serious minded man, in a position of political power who can be fun? Barack Obama can. I am beginning to think he can be anything he wants to be.

This serious minded man is one who looks to understand all sides of an argument, deeply exploring all aspects before speaking. You see it in his serious face, the one with the thoughtful eyes.

When I looked at the serious minded man, I gain a sense of trust for this is not a man to act hastily or without deep thought. It reassures and at the same time instills hope. When he speaks it is as if he is speaking directly to you and not to the multitude giving you a sense of what ever walk in life you belong, he would sit down with you and answer your questions in a direct truthful way.

I see honesty and integrity in these eyes of this man, yet in his smile I see the joy in his work and family and his life.

There is a sense about this man of future greatness. An instinct one feels when you look in those eyes that here is a man for the time.

What I see in Obama’s eyes? I see hope, hope for all of us in the future of our country. This brings excitement to my soul and a sense we are witnessing another chapter in our glorious history in this country.

The comparison between Lincoln and Obama is profound. Though Obama is a highly educated man, they both had that ability to instill in others a feeling of trust and integrity. They both faced a country in turmoil, yet thoughtfully examined each issue, hearing from all before making a decision. This is democracy in action. As I compare the two pictures of Lincoln and Obama, you can see the same lines in the face, and the same serious eyes,

I look to the future of our country and feel the promise on the horizon that awaits us with Obama as our President leading us to work together to solve our country’s problems and restoring the reputation of our country in the world community. This is the promise I see in Obama’s eyes. The promise of our future.

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