Monday, January 15, 2007


MSNBC is reporting that "inside" sources are stating that Senator Barack Obama will be announcing the formation of his "exploratory" committe for his run for the Presidency this week. ( Filing of these papers are a requirement so that Senator Obama may begin accepting donations for his campaign.)

With his speech today in the suburbs of Chicago at a Baptist church celebrating MLK day, this looks like a lead up to Senator Obama's announcement. Where and when the announcement will be made is still unknown. Curious to note, the Wednesday Oprah show still shows a TBA for who will be her guest on that particular show. Being that Oprah is a huge supporter of Senator Obama and has encouraged him to run it would not surprise this writer if she invites the Senator on her show this week while he is in Chicago. A more likely scenerio would be an announcement at the location of where his campaign headquarters will be located in Chicago.

This writer eagerly awaits the announcement. Stay tuned folks......
(I found this wonderful video by a great organization which I think is appropriate to showcase today)

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