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Obama opposes troop surge in Iraq01/06/2007 08:40:10

Senator Barack Obama is siding with the new Congressional leadership in opposing President Bush calls for a troop surge in Iraq. Obama says "a surge would tell Iraqi leaders they can continue to avoid reaching a political solution."

Senator Obama has remained steadfast in his opposition to President Bush's push to continue the war in Iraq, in fact, from the very beginning voted against it. As part of the group of Senators and congressmen and women invited to the White House to discuss this issue, Senator Obama made the above statement after his meeting with the President. He explains that they voiced their opposition to the President; whether President Bush takes anyone's advice at this time is a question only HE can answer.

The latest national polls show that only 12% of the country support Bush's position. Yet, President Bush persists in his "folly", ignoring the people of this country's wishes, and the recommendations of Congress. It will be an interesting examination into the "mind" of the President and why he feels he knows better than anyone else what is best for us. It is frustrating to me as a citizen, after voting, which is my only voice of discontent of his actions and that of what had been the congress, yet it appears President Bush chooses to ignore the wishes and votes of the people and do what he chooses, despite opposition. It would be interesting to examine what is behind his ill-conceived actions, and his stubborness and unwillingness to admit the Iraq war is a mess, it is killing our sons and daughters needlessly, and it is NOT WORKING. Get it Mr. President? It appears our President does not like to admit when he is wrong. He would garner much more respect from the citizens of this country by just admitting it was a big mistake and here is how we are going to get out. There is no shame in admitting when one is wrong, in fact, you gain respect, and support from the people of this country if you would do so. So Mr. President, what will it be? Stay stubborn and continue on with your "folly", or admit to the American people you were wrong and ask for the help of Congress to devise a plan to bring our soldiers out of there. It is up to the Iraqi people to now stabilize and run their own country. We have no business involving ourselves in their regligious conflicts. You have citizens here in this country who need financial assistance, veterans who have gone ignored, and parts of the world who desparately need assistance, i.e, DARFUR, where you could present to the world a good image of the United States. Yet you continue to make our country look the "aggressor" and lose credibility among the world community, not as a country who is there to help when other countries are in need, but one who "invades" and "destroys entire communities" and for what? Saddam Hussein though a brutal tyrant has not been proven to have been the enemy, yet you choose his country to go after instead of going after Bin Laden. Destablizing that area of the world, has only led to distrust by neighboring countries you need to work with to bring stability to the area, even if you consider them enemies, you still need to work with them in order to keep the peace, yet you fail, in fact even refuse to consider talks with some of the neighboring countries and further alienate them. By doing so, you lose their cooperation in stablizing the area and forcing our troops to be the targets of angry citizens of that country. You make our country look like a Bully and you do so without the consent of the people of the United States. In your mind it appears, it's "my way or the highway".

Let's bring it down to your level Mr. President so you can understand the concept.
A teacher in a grade school when dealing with two children who constantly are at odds and fighting, sits them down and gets them to talk about their differences, asking them to find something they might have in common, hoping that by TALKING, she can diffuse the fighting between the two children, and perhaps, just perhaps, gets them to cooperate with each other. They might never be the best of friends, but they do end up understanding a little about the other one.

On a grander scale, countries do this all the time. They sit down, knowing they have huge differences of opinion, yet work to find what they DO have in common and work on the common ideas, thereby, providing groundwork for better communication between the countries. It appears our President doesn't grasp that concept, or he has advisers who have yet to teach the President this concept.

Mr. President, as Senator Obama stated, civility, and discussion can bring about some common ground by which to make a beginning in understanding between countries. It in fact can bring about their cooperation in assisting in stablizing Iraq and our soldiers can come home. Why do you refuse to heed this advice? Why do you refuse to listen to the citizens of this country who oppose your actions, and your proposed sending of even more troops over there to be TARGETS of the discontented people of that country? You are breeding terrorism where there had been none, and failing to attack the terrorists where they DO exist. This is your "folly" and we the people, who hired you, oppose this ill-advised course you choose. You do this at your peril, for you will only earn more ill will of the people. Or as has been suggested on some television "talk" shows, you are trying to stretch the situation out until you are out of office, leaving the entire mess for the next President to fix? Is your suggested step up of troops, only to hold things together until you are out of office? Interesting thoughts for one to consider.

As I look back to the very beginning, when our country was attacked that terrible September morning and relive my feelings as a New York resident the weeks following that event I realized that you, Mr.President, used the sadness, dispair, and fear of the people for your own agenda. You furthered the fear of the citizens by claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, when in fact, they had none as your reason for invading that country. In the aftermath of that terrible September day, you used the feelings of the people, to your advantage and your agenda. We would have and do support the actions taken in Afganistan to root out the terrorists in hopes of finding and bringing to justice Bin Laden, yet the brave soldiers who continue that fight do not get the reinforcement they need because our country's soldiers are stretched to the limit and yet you want to increase the troops in Iraq, failing to use our resources to support the brave troops fighting where the real terrorists are. You in fact have provided another "breeding ground" on the western border of Iraq for terrorists to train and gain strength, something which would not have occurred if we had not invaded that country. Where will it end Mr. President? When will it end? To this citizen, it appears we are beating our heads against a wall trying to get you to understand your actions are ill-advised and perilous.

I will go into the financial cost of your ill-advised actions in another post. We would like a financial accounting sir of the billions, yes BILLIONS of dollars already spent, yet our troops in Iraq are working with equipment in dangerous disrepair, our Reservists have had to buy their own supplies before shipping over. The citizens of this country in many communities have stepped up and helped our Reserve units to buy the armor they need to help them stay alive because our country does not buy it for them, furthering our investment in this ill-advised war you have committed us to. I doubt most citizens of this country even realize you don't provide even bullet proof vests to reservists you send in harm's way. They have to purchase them themselves, yet the citizens who do know, step up and raise funds to help these soldiers buy the equipment they need. Billions are spent on contracts with companies to help rebuild Iraq, yet we see no substantial rebuilding being completed. Where is the money going Mr. President? You have much to answer for and we the people have a right to hear the answers.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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