Sunday, January 7, 2007


I have always wanted to start a blog, yet felt kind of silly writing about myself and my rather simple life. But, I find myself quite intriqued and I must admit rather excited about this new "face" on the political landscape. As I learn more and more about this man, he becomes even more interesting. As I continue with this blog, I hope to introduce you to a truly interesting and intriquing man, who I believe is worthy of being considered by all as a true candidate of the PEOPLE, one who would represent us well if he so chooses to run for President, which is my hope.

Now, my mother always told me, the best way to begin an arguement is to discuss politics or religion. I won't be writing about religion, but I, like every one of you, citizens of these United States have a great stake in current events and the future leaders of our country. Many go about their lives not realizing that every legislative bill, passed can build up to have a huge effect on every one of us.

I have never been one to be one of those that is extremely involved in politics. But as my worry over many recent concerns grew, the more I looked at exactly who is running our country. In fact, it was only this past election (I am embarrassed to admit) that I actually voted in quite a long time. But issues, most especially the Iraq war situation, brought me to the realization that the people of this country are not being served properly, and let's face it, if you look at it, Congress AND the President WORK FOR US. We hired (voted) them to do a job and if we fail to get involved in the hiring, it is then our fault if they fail to do the job we ask them to do. Failure to act by any citizen, or failure to voice dissent, can weaken our power to force those we hire to do the job we hired them to do, for it is we the people who truly should be demanding they serve US and not their own interests.

Now, I am brand new to "blogging" so am still figuring out all the aspects of what I can do with this blog, so if you find typos etc., it is my lack of knowledge of how to use the spell checker etc. I know that sounds silly, but believe it or not there are many who have always wanted to do a blog but are just now getting into it.

I hope to write about the many issues facing all of us in this country today, and my own personal opinions on the topics. I am open to discussion on these topics but let's keep it as civil as we can okay? Politics is a touchy subject with everyone and I do respect other opinions.

My next post which will be the true beginning of this blog will discuss "Bush's Folly" otherwise known as the Iraq war. Did you know Senator Barack Obama voted AGAINST going to war way back when it was first voted on in Congress, yet Hillary Clinton voted FOR the war and now voices "scripted sound bites" stating if she had known then what she knows now, she would have considered her vote more carefully. Well Senator Obama DID consider his vote carefully, and truly felt they should be attempting to get the surrounding countries diplomatically to get involved to resolve the issues and concentrate our military objectives where they WERE needed and that was in Afganistan where Bin Ladin was hiding. But Bush's "My way or the highway" attitude has put us in the middle of a terrible civil war, one which is killing OUR soldiers and I look forward to his upcoming speech where he states he will have a new objective. Yes, this is after firing every General who disagreed with him this week and him replacing them with Generals who agreed with him.

Stay tuned for further discussion on this very important subject to all of us.

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