Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I happened upon comments on the "Huffington Post" where people were stating that Senator Joe Lieberman was a "MENTOR' of Barack Obama, receiving damning comments because of it. This inaccurate information is being spread on the internet by BLOGGERS and is in fact not a factual statement at all. Perhaps they were mislead due to the fact that Senator Obama appeared in Connecticut at a fundraiser for Joe Lieberman's run for the Senate this past election. To understand Senator Obama's appearance, you first need to understand the dynamics occurring in this past election, and the importance Democrats put on winning majority in the House and Senate.

It is common practice for Senators and Representatives alike in BOTH parties, not up for re-election to make appearances in support of the campaigns of those affiliated with their party as they would ask the same when they are running for re-election. In this past election all Representatives were up for re-election, however, the Senate was KEY for the Democrats to win a majority in order to gain control of Congress. There were many key states where funding from the Democratic National Committee was focused, and Senators not up for re-election hit the campaign trail to bolster the campaigns of those they deemed were important Senate races and in need of support.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Senator Obama was in HIGH demand as a speaker at many fundraisers (which incidentally I feel was important for him to garner support for his Presidential bid). Most Democrats running for Senate lobbied to have Senator Obama come to a fundraising event in their states. Why was he in demand? His popularity and ability to gather larger crowds, thereby raising more money than another speaker would. Connecticut was an important state, one where the Democrat on the ticket was not considered by the majority of Democrats to be their choice, so they elected to help shore up the campaign of Senator Lieberman, as his voice would be an important one in key Senate votes on issues important to us. Senator Lieberman's campaign manager lobbied Senator Obama to appear in Connecticut at a fundraiser. Therefore Senator Obama, on the camaign circuit, did appear and speak at an event in support of Senator Lieberman.

Now I ask you, does a campaign speech therefore conclude that Senator Lieberman is a MENTOR to Senator Obama? Senator Obama has repeatedly stated his willingness to work WITH ALL SIDES on any issue up for discussion in the Senate.

If you research, and read who REALLY is close to Senator Obama (his inner circle), nowhere will you find Joe Lieberman's name. Senator Obama IS cooperating with 2 Republicans and 2 Democrates, Joe Lieberman an Independent is one of them, on the committtee for ethics reform in Congress. This only shows Senator Obama's ability to work within Congress with both parties. He may disagree with them on many issues, but his willingness to hear all sides is a POSITIVE when you look at it and read the facts. But some bloggers seem to take short snippets out of news reports and insert them into their blogs and use it against Senator Obama, as if a campaign stop for a candidate THEY don't like is such a black mark on the reputation of Senator Obama.

As good a tool the Internet is in these days to communicate, witness Senator Obama's announcement being done on the internet, it can at times spread false information which some that read it would believe without doing one second of research in to the facts.

Senator Obama appeared in many states to help campaign and raise funds for Senators running for office this past campaign. You may not like the politics of a Senator who was elected, even though a democrat, but the agreement under the National Democratic Election Committee for sitting Senators to assist the campaigns of others running for office in a KEY election is part of the game and failure to help support a crucial election by failing to help others in your party running for office will leave you adrift next time you are up for re-election, or in this case your campaign for the Presidency.

I suggest that those that would make hasty conclusions based on a bloggers comments, should in fact do their research and find out for themselves more about Senator Obama before believing what is posted by uninformed bloggers.

Editorial note: I have yet in ALL of my research or that of our website team to find a single comment by Senator Obama that he considers Joe Lieberman a "mentor". IF he ever was a mentor, perhaps it was when Senator Obama arrived in Washington as a brand new Senator and wanted to find the bathroom?

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