Tuesday, January 16, 2007


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Inside sources say Senator Obama is expected to announce this week, maybe as soon as tomorrow his formation of his exploratory committee. Interesting to note, Oprah still has not posted who her guest will be on her website, (see, www.oprah.com) She has made no secret of the fact she fully supports his campaign and it would be an interesting way for Senator Obama to announce he is a candidate, and provide for some question and answers from the audience. It would be a great way for him to show his ability to communicate with an audience and "hit the trail running" as Senator Clinton's politico's here in New York are poised to attack him on all fronts.


I have personally seen Senator Clinton in person "attempting" to be "real" and communicate with we "normal middle class" sort, and I can attest that she comes across as unapproachable and "cold". The contrast between the two is easy to see and their first debate will most certainly be an interesting one. The classy gentleman, gently trying to discuss issues, and Senator Clinton coming across as "hard" and unyielding in her views.

That is the issue I have with Senator Clinton. She is not one to want to listen to others, but rather she has her point of view on issues and sticks to scripted "talking points" while Senator Obama's style is more casual, and he doesn't like to use scripted "talking points", but rather discusses issues in sessions with his team, accepting input from all sides of an issue, forms his opinions, and talks without a script.

I listened yesterday to the news networks and focused in on a discussion on MSNBC about the differences between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. One "pundit" offered up that Senator Obama has yet to be "vetted". Now, exactly what does THAT mean. They did not explain themselves but showed a hint of where they will attack Senator Obama, the fact he has only been a Senator for 2 years You can be sure the "bloodletting" will begin hard, fast and furious once he makes his announcement, but I have faith in Senator Obama's ability to forthrightly handle any question and I suspect he will respond to attacks with truth and let the people decide.

The only issue I have is the fact, many voters do not read information and true fact about a candidate and pay more attention to "dirty political ads" and as they would a gossip rag, think it is the truth. That is what dirty politics does. They don't want the citizen to find the truth of any attack, they would prefer you believe "sound bites" of 30 or 60 second ads. It is already spreading on the web that Senator Obama is a Muslim, which he is NOT, but his father was who has since passed away. Senator Obama has had an interesting past which he lays out truthfully in his two books.

We in New York know a few dirty little secrets of Senator Clinton, but as Senator Obama says, it is time for a more civil and clean campaign rather than the old time politics of attack. I could post all the info I know about Mrs. Clinton on the web and get the gossip started, but I prefer to take a higher road and discuss her stance on the issues, and the fact I hate the way they have moulded her to fit what they consider a "cookie cutter" candidate. Everything down to the type of shoes she wears is carefully "vetted" to make sure it is in line with "photo op" situations.

You may ask then why did I vote for her re-election as a Senator? Well, they really didn't offer an alternative candidate I agreed with on some issues, and I have to admit, she does make a good senator, exactly because she is so hard and down and dirty. She can go head to head with any man in the Senate which is what we need to get bills passed. However, her weakness is the fact she does not come across as "real" or truly concerned about the neediest of our citizens and to this writer, this is a HUGE weakness I see so far. She does her "photo ops" but she truly does not really seem to bridge the gap between her wealthy lifestyle and a true understanding of the needs of the lower middle class and the poor and homeless.

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