Saturday, January 20, 2007


I WAS going to write about something else today, but I am MAD, Mad as hell and I need to vent.
Allow me to explain:

I am a New Yorker, almost my entire life except for some time spent in Boston for school and a short term living in Georgia. I have always voted Democratic, at times not happily given the lack of a better alternate candidate. When I registered to vote, NOWHERE did I have to provide my email address to anyone.

I have NEVER EVER signed up for ANY of Hillary Clinton's websites, nor have I ever ever worked on any of her campaigns here in New York. I am not a fan of hers to say the least.

Now today, I begin receiving emails from her campaign staff about her announcement to run for President. What I personally would like to know is this. EXACTLY HOW DID THEY GET MY EMAIL ADDRESS? The only campaign I have ever signed up for was Senator Obama's.

HOW DID THEY GAIN ACCESS TO SENATOR OBAMA'S DATABASE OF EMAIL VOLUNTEERS? This is a very good question and speaks to the underhanded dealings already of how Hillary Clinton's staff works. I have also received phone calls and I have repeatedly questioned how they got my phone number, and that I was a Senator Obama supporter. Yet they called back again and asked me to consider realigning my support behind Senator Clinton.

I called a couple friends of mine who are helping with our website, and they too received the emails from Senator Clinton and received phone calls. In all the phone calls, they asked this question: Do you think Senator Obama is a Muslim? She may not be publicly making that accusation, but in phone calls they are quietly planting the seed in people's minds. Planting the seed of racism is the worst kind of politics, damning the Muslim community as if they were terrorists, or hinting at it. I have read blogs discussing the time Senator Obama AT THE AGE OF 7 went to a Muslim school so I decided to read up on exactly what the Muslim religion was all about, even though he is not a Muslim, the accusations are there, and being armed with fact is the best defense. Did you know a true Muslim is AGAINST VIOLENCE, that it is a sin?

I WAS going to discuss this issue in today's writing, however, I am very angry that the Clinton machine is hitting hard and dirty on day one of her announcement which shows me they are going to do more of it in the future.

I say to all Senator Obama supports, don't believe the trash talking her staff is going to be doing. If you have a question, ask Senator Obama's staff for facts, not dirty dealings. I knew this was going to happen with Hillary, as that is the way her staff works here in New York. They muscle themselves to gain ground for their candidate, keeping themselves below the radar so that Senator Clinton can say she knows nothing about it.

This is outrageous behavior and I won't tolerate it and I told them so and warned them if they continued to call or email me, I would personally notify the press of their underhanded dealings.

I would like to know this: HOW did Senator Clinton's staff gain access to my personal private information when I never ever provided it to them willingly?

SHAME ON YOU SENATOR CLINTON. This is the dirty dealing old politics at it's worst and is a shameful start to your campaign. And you pretend to be all sweetness and nice in your video you also emailed to me. I don't want to hear it. Take your dirty politics elsewhere. I realize Senator Obama is prepared for this, but his volunteers should not have to suffer the dirty tactics of an old time political machine that will resort to anything for their candidate.

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