Saturday, January 13, 2007


By DEB RIECHMANN - Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON(AP) President Bush on Saturday challenged lawmakers skeptical of his new Iraq plan to propose their own strategy for stopping the violence in Baghdad

Editorial comment:

Well Mr. President, prior to your announced new startegy, you had a multitude of people who had advised you and you ignored them. The generals on the ground that disagreed with your plan, you fired and you hired new generals who agreed with you. You failed to even consider the report submitted which you and congress commissioned regarding the Iraq status and NOW you demand those that critize you come up with their own plan? And if they did, would you back down and heed their recommendations and implement their plans? I doubt it sir. You have shown time and time again that you will listen to no one. Your stubborn "folly" that you know what is best to do has only brought ruin on the country of Iraq, killed sons and daughters of US citizens, and left us in the middle of a civil war in Iraq which is between RELIGIOUS SECTS and is centuries old and yet you feel YOU sir are the one to fix the problem? We are sick and tired of you forcing the citizens of the United States to follow you into a no win situation.

What a rediculous statement you made today on the radio. Before we even invaded Iraq you were warned by very experienced generals and those with knowledge of the issues, that this invasion would lock our country into a war that would have no end, yet you orchestrate your "photo op" on the carrier with you in your flight suit, over 3 years ago, stating, We Have Won!.
Sir, we have won nothing but more death and turmoil. Deterioration of a country filled with citizens who have the right to live even a poor decent life, but a right to live, yet can't even go to school without some death squad dressed up as Iraqi police officers shooting them if their papers indicate they are of a different religion then they are. It is madness over there and you dare to state that those that disagree with you should come up with a better plan. Sure, like you would say, okay, let's go with that plan. You have shown over and over and over that you will listen to no one. You call yourself the DECIDER and STAY THE COURSE and continue on sending our troops into Baghdad to be killed so you can stay there in the White House and look like you are working hard to fix the problem. WE DON'T BELIEVE A WORD YOU SAY ANYMORE, Mr. President. Get It?

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