Saturday, January 13, 2007


While people on the Network news shows wondered why Hillary Clinton was not in the all important committee session in the Senate on the situation in Iraq, it was discovered that Hillary Clinton was on a plane on her way to Iraq.

I don't quarrel with Senators and Representatives going to Iraq to discover for themselves what the situation is or to ask questions while there, and certainly Mrs. Clinton, with her most obvious weakness of lack of knowledge of World affairs, should at least make one visit, I find it to be too "contrived". It allows her to then come back after spending only 2 days there and proclaim her knowledge of what is really going on there. There is absolutely no way she can truly examine the multitude of issues facing Iraq in 2 days. She will listen to those who are running the government, and as you will discover in our other blog, Letters from Iraq (see sidebar)
there is absolutely no way she can speak as even a quasi-expert on the issue. It is convenient that she would finally make a trip to Iraq after her 6 years in the Senate and voted FOR the war, and never having gone there before to see IF HER VOTE was valid. She did not bother to make the trip until the latest action by President Bush. This will give her some "talking points" in her election bid for President and her staff and she can claim she NOW has International experience. 2 days in Iraq does not an expert make, Mrs. Clinton.

The situation in Iraq was created by the invasion of American troops directed by President Bush without consideration for the thousands of years of history regarding the different religious sects and what affect the downfall of Saddam Hussein would have on the different religious sects. The disarray in Iraq at this time, well, let's call it what it is, a civil war is built on mistrust, and thousands of years of struggle by the different religious sects who now each look to gain control. An army can not control that. An army can't control the "fake" police patrols who stop people in the streets, ask for their papers, and if they are the wrong religious sect, they are shot on the spot.

The corruption that is raging in Iraq with the dollars being shoveled into the country by the US will not be brought under control by an additional 20,000 troops.

Mrs Clinton needs to come back home and do her job. We New Yorkers want her in congress working to fight this step up in troops. She missed an extremely important investigative session, therefore, we New Yorkers were not represented in a key debate.

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