Friday, January 26, 2007


President Bush, on a collision course with Congress over Iraq, said Friday "I'm the decision-maker" about sending more troops to the war. He challenged skeptical lawmakers not to prematurely condemn his buildup.

I gather, President Bush didn't get the memo? The citizens of the United States made a decision in this past election. WE DON'T LIKE WHERE YOU ARE GOING MR. PRESIDENT WHEN IT COMES TO IRAQ! Is this President so deluded that he refuses to listen to the American people, or does he believe we just don't count. That our opinions, our wishes, our votes, have no bearing on his actions? I am tired of this President IGNORING the citizens of the United States and doing as he so pleases.

It will certainly be interesting when some "truth" comes out in the Scooter Libby trial when Vice-President Cheney is forced to testify about the now known, LIES, told by the President and Vice-President in order to obtain a congressional vote to invade Iraq in the first place, making the case that Iraq had WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRUCTION, when in fact, they did NOT. Though Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator, there are other brutal dictators in this world, are we to attack them all?

No my friends, the word of the day is OIL. I could make the case that the President's true motive was to gain control of the vast oil reserves that Iraq has. Instead of attacking the source of the terrorists who attacked the US on Sept 11 in Aphganistan, where Bin Ladin who has been proven to be behind the attack hides, and shoring up the troop force there and now, due to the complete lack of logistics by our President, the fertile ground in areas of Iraq that are now being used as training grounds for terrorists, he prefers to concentrate the "surge" of troops in Baghdad where he will never ever be able to understand the underlying religious conflict in that city, laying our troops open to further fatalities and injury. On the very first day the first contingent of the 82nd Airborne arrived in Iraq, 7 of the soldiers were killed on the VERY FIRST DAY they were there.

Trying to fix a problem that has existed for thousands of years can not be done and what it DOES do is present a poor reflection on the United States with other countries, emboldens those countries who have posed no threat to us at all to step up their challenge of the US, for instance Iran.

I have always believed, no matter what country, friend or foe, that talking about what we HAVE IN COMMON and building on that interaction to further talks is the better way rather than using troops. President Bush seems to think our American soldiers are his to play around with. Well Mr. President, our soldiers are not a bunch of "beans" you can sit and count and play around with. You have put us in a position of appearing "weak" by withdrawing, and by staying furthering the deaths of our troops.

I appeal to Congress to investigate what was behind the justification of sending in troops to Iraq and if found that the President lied to Congress, he should be held accountable for it.

You took on Impeachment when President Clinton lied about a "sexual dalliance" , yet you allow our current President to lie to the American people and Congress about something much more grave and of greater consequence to our country. It is time to hold him accountable for his actions.


Unknown said...

As the father of a son who is in the 82nd who's unit was the first there, Let me tell you your facts are wrong .... THE first and ONLY soldier of that brigade that was kill was SGT.1st Class Callahan. He died Jan. 24 -- for you who seems to know so much, the 82nd deployed on Jan. 2nd to Kuwait than to Baghdad on the 15th. SO get your facts STRAIGHT - 7 did not die. But than again who would expect any more from a site that supports anti American views. Just who the hell does this 2 year senator think he is. He's going to try to cut funds to the troops -- REAL GOOD AMERICAN, Why doesn't he come up with a plan , If he's SO GREAT as the press makes him out to be he should be able to solve this Iraq problem. But once again NO, Just your typical Liberal wanting America to bend over and cut and run. What more who we expect from someone who went to HATE America schools. Oops. Sorry no one is supposed to know that. Oh when the air comes out of this guy's head.... CRASH... A kid playing in the wrong league. That's your senator HATE AMERICA FIRST.OBAMA

CitizenX said...

Anti-American views? Exactly WHAT are you reading. I am stating specifically I deplore the wasted lives of our American soldiers. These are not Senator Obama's words, but mine, which I believe it is in the Constitution I have a right to state? Senator Obama has NEVER EVER stated he wanted to cut funding for the troops, I think you better do YOUR homework. He has deep concern that the President is sending in troops only to be killed and injured. It obviously states that I support the troops and I am concerned the President is USING THEM to further his own goals.

And also do your homework when it comes to what schools Senator Obama attended. At the age of 6 YEARS OLD, he attended an ordinary elementary school, it was FOX news who put out the fake report as to the type of school it was, CNN sent correspondents over there to discover that for themselves, and FOX news was forced to apologize for a report instigated by a Hillary Clinton backed magazine. So get YOUR FACTS straight before you critize this blog. Appears to me you have a racial agenda here.

And Senator Obama even before going to Congress spoke out against going to war, he and other Senators have been attempting to find some solutions to the issue, but every single vote they take in the Senate is BLOCKED by Bush's cronies in the Senate. Better do some reading on what votes are currently being taken in the Senate and you will find out for yourself.

Also as far as Obama's ideas to end this rediculous conflict, civil war in Iraq, the election is not for 1 1/2 years. He has time to formulate what he feels is the best way forward. Why aren't you asking Mrs. Clinton or those extremist Republicans what their ideas are? You attack Senator Obama with your own agenda and it's not worth my notice.