Monday, January 22, 2007


I read a couple polling numbers today in the New York papers as I am located just outside NYC and I sure would like to know where they are getting their figures. They "claim" that Senator Clinton leads Senator Obama 53% to his 41%. But then again, this was published in a pro-Clinton newspaper so you figure it out. I don't think I need to spell it out for you.

Now I have spoken with doctors, teachers, the garbage man, secretaries, financial analysts, well people in all walks of life, the elderly, the disabled, the poor and while Senator Clinton is discussed, the interest is in Senator Obama. Although they do express a desire to get to know more about him, Senator Obama if you read this, heed their request? Come visit New York, they are eager to hear from you. I have found most citizens are NOT READY to throw their support behind Senator Clinton, but would like to take a look at Senator Obama.

There are many reasons given as to why they hesitate to support Senator Clinton, chief among them is the fact they do not trust her. This is a result of her WASTING $50 million dollars to ensure her seat, that there would be no doubt she would keep it, AND she had to show big numbers, thereby giving her a secure launching pad for her Presidential bid. Now the citizens of New York I have personally spoken with do not appreciate her WASTE of donations, and yes folks it was a WASTE as she could have won re-election spending a 10th of that amount due to the fact there really wasn't any interesting candidate running for the job that gained much interest of the citizens of the state.

They also express suspicion on the entire progression of events and the calculated move on the part of the Clintons to move to NY to set a base for Senator Clinton. Allow me to explain. First their choice of where to buy a house nestled among the 'rich elite' who are invested in NYC but live in a wealthy little town, a rich enclave amongst themselves. Then their came President Clinton's positioning himself with an office in New York City and his unending appearances at events where the powerful and elitist also attend. Setting a stage you might say for entree for Senator Clinton to gain initial support among the 'monied elite'. Then her first run for Senate with President Clinton using his contacts in the black communities of NYC to shore up her vote in those areas. There was no mistake my friends that President Clinton would have an office in Harlem, therefore allowing Hillary to claim roots in that community therefore gaining the black voter there.

Due to the power of the black vote, and folks, believe me, Senator Clinton does not care one bit about the needs of the inner city. I have witnessed for myself her visits, and believe me, they are just that, visits, photo-ops for her future use so she can show how she 'cares" about the underpriviledged. She could not get out of there fast enough, spending only enough time to get her video and photos, then getting out of Harlem as fast as she could. With Bill stablizing the black vote, it allowed her to concentrate on upper New York thereby winning her election for first term Senator. This has all been calculated since President Clinton left the White House.
She certainly expected some payback for standing by her man while he played with his ladies at the White House. As a matter of fact, Hilary knew all about it, and I have heard reports she herself strong armed a couple ladies. Yes, she has much to hide, but it will all come out.

Senator Clinton, the one behind Whitewater herself. It was HER demand they purchase that land from her friend, yet she stood back denying any knowledge of that fiasco, keeping her hands clean and allowing the President, her husband to take all the heat.

She has been cold and calculating from day one when they arrived in New York State and the citizens of this state since this past election are realizing it. It was not her likability that re-elected her, rather the desire of the citizens to make sure the Democrats gained control of Congress that ensured her re-election. Many are unhappy with the fact of her waste of $50million dollars and then not fulfilling her promise to do a job the citizens of this state hired her to do, be their Senator for 6 more years. She knew before the election she would not want to stay in that job, and used the citizens to her advantage.

This is only part of what I have been hearing. They are unhappy with the way her opinions flipflop according to public outcry. She voted FOR THE WAR, and now puts out a half-hearted demand for withdrawal. She does not take chances, and every single word she utters is "scripted" by her handlers. Her Internet chats should be interesting as I can picture her staff, sitting behind the cameras furiously scribbling replies for her to question posed.

Senator Clinton is OLD POLITICS and do we really want President Clinton sitting in the White House with nothing to do? Hmmmmm should be interesting with a husband you don't know what to do with, with time on his hands to roam around looking for the pretty ladies.

This I DO know. The citizens of New York State are not ready to give her wholehearted support and the state is RIPE for Senator Obama to take away her little prize. I for one will be right there to campaign for him, among thousands of others already signed up to take Senator Clinton's so-called "locked up state" away from her.

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